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Ask your veterinarian for advice how to measure blood sugar levels at your pet. You will get information about the most appropriate sites for blood sampling.
You can use the following sites for getting a capillary blood sample for the blood glucose test:

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Tips and tricks for blood sampling (Video)

Getting a blood sample from dogs and cats for blood glucose measurement - Dr. Zeugswetter VetMedUni Vienna - Video

In some cases it takes some time until you get a sufficient blood sample.
Here are some tips how to get a optimal blood sample:

  • Warm the pricking site with a warm towel prior to the test.
  • Gently rub the pricking site

The following tips will help your pet to have a positive feeling during the procedure of blood glucose testing:

  • Perform the blood sugar test under relaxed and quiet conditions.
  • Feed a "reward" after the procedure.
  • Get your pet accustomed to the quiet "click" of the safety lancet.

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