Wellion GALILEO compact glucose meter

Blood Glucose Meter
simply practical, practically simple

    Wellion GALILEO Compact - small and handy, fits in every pouch

    Wellion GALILEO Compact Blood Glucose Meters exceed all criteria of the new ISO 13485:2016

    A handy and extraordinary shape, an easily readable display and other practical additional features which facilitate life with diabetes, make it a reliable partner in any circumstance, fitting in every pocket. The handy, compact size and a perfect legible display facilitate the life with diabetes. A tiny blood drop of just 0,5 micro litres and only 5 seconds measurement time assure a quick and safe blood glucose result with the Wellion GALILEO Compact. 

    The result can be easily read due to the large digits and clear display. 300 blood glucose results can be stored in the memory and easily scrolled through by pressing the arrow buttons. Many diabetics will profit by this extraordinary legibility for their daily life.

    The study "System accuracy assessments with a blood glucose meter with combined glucose and ß-hydroxybutyrate measurement capabilities" shows the hight accuracy of ± 10% of Wellion GALILEO meters in glucose measurements.

    No code

    Large, clear digits


    3 alarms

    Small and compact

    5 seconds testing time

    0,5 microliter blood

    300 results in memory

    1000 tests battery life

    1x CR2032 battery