Wellion LUNA Trio Blood Glucose Meter, 3 values for me - Glucose, Cholesterol and uric acid

Blood Glucose Meter
Wellion LUNA Trio Meter accurately measures blood sugar, total cholesterol and uric acid

    Wellion LUNA Trio - modern and reliable

    3 values for me - glucose, cholesterol and uric acid

    A good day starts with a smile and the knowledge that I’ve done something active for my health. With the Wellion LUNA Trio blood glucose meter, I do not only determine my blood glucose level, but also my cholesterol value and my uric acid level –  Wellion LUNA Trio offers all three values. A handy shape, an easily readable display, an eject button for used  test strips and  antislip rubber feet facilitate life additionally and  make the Wellion LUNA Trio meter a reliable partner in all circumstances.

    Through years of research and development MED TRUST succeeded to enable a measurement at a hematocrit level between 25-60%. This new test  strip technology ensures accurate results with different blood  consistency – the plus for safety! Due to the big display and extra large digits blood glucose and cholesterol results can be easily read on the display. Many people will  profit by this extraordinary legibility for their daily life. The eject  button allows the safe use of your Wellion LUNA Trio meter. In addition, blood glucose averages for 7, 14, 21 and 28 days are available. The regular analysis of blood glucose averages enables the improvement of the diabetes treatment and helps to ensure appropriate reaction. 360 blood glucose results, 50 cholesterol results and 50 uric acid results are stored in memory.

    Available in 4 different colours: yellow, pink, black, white



    Measures Glucose, Cholesterol and Uric Acid

    Large, clear digits

    Eject button

    1000 tests battery life


    1x CR2032 Batteries


    No Code

    5 seconds testing time

    360 results in memory

    0,5 microliter blood


    Code strips

    26 seconds testing time

    50 results in memory

    0,8 microliter blood

    Uric Acid

    Code strips

    15 seconds testing time

    50 results in memory

    1,0 micorliter blood