Blood Glucose Teststrips
for blood glucose measurement

    Wellion LINUS test strips for blood glucose measurement

    The handy Wellion LINUS blood glucose test strips are used with the Wellion LINUS meters to quantitatively measure glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood. The Wellion LINUS is perfectly suited for home use as well as for use by healthcare professionals.


    Useful tips

    • Do not use expired test strips. Check the expiration date printed on the test strip vial and package.
    • Seal the test strip vial IMMEDIATELY after removing a test strip to protect the remaining test strips from moisture.
    • Use test strips immediately after removing them from the vial.
    • Do not use wet or damaged test strips.
    • Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Store the test strips in a dry, cool environment (not in the bathroom).
    • Dispose of the used test strip and lancet immediately after testing.

    Packaging units: 10 and 50 pieces