Legal Notice on the Use of the Website

Legal Notice on the Use of the Website

1. Consultation
This website does not contain any tips or information about treatment. In the event of health problems, you should contact a doctor without fail. Only the treating physician can make a diagnosis and start the necessary treatment.   
2. Disclaimer
The information on this website is constantly checked and updated by MED TRUST. Nevertheless, the information may have changed in the meantime. Any liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness, and completeness of the information provided can therefore not be assumed.
3. Links
Electronic references, which open up access to external information (links), are provided by MED TRUST as a service for the visitors to the website. MED TRUST is not responsible for the contents of the external information, provided MED TRUST has no actual knowledge of illegal activity or information and with respect to claims for damages also has no knowledge of facts or circumstances which make illegal activity or information apparent, or, MED TRUST takes immediately action to remove the electronic reference as soon as it obtains knowledge or awareness thereof.
Moreover, MED TRUST assumes no liability for information on websites of third parties, which refer to MED TRUST through a link.
4. Trade Names / Copyrights  

The rights of the trade names and contents on this website are the property of their respective owners. The lack of a trademark reference does not mean that the trademark is not protected.
5. Data Protection and Cookies  
Protecting your personal data is very important to MED TRUST. Details about our data protection policy are found in the Data Privacy Statement.
6. Ordering Products/Contract Conclusion 
6.1. You can order products from MED TRUST over the phone, via e-mail, or from the online shop. When you do so, the General Terms and Conditions of MED TRUST apply (Terms).
6.2. Contract conclusion in the online shop
Advertising products in the online shop, in catalogues, or in flyers is a non-binding and open invitation for the customer to place an order.
You are guided step for step through the order process. Before placing the order with MED TRUST, the details of your order are summarised such as your customer master data, the ordered items including price, the total price of the order including all taxes, shipping costs, and the delivery terms. Right up until this point you are able to correct your entries or to cancel your order. Once you confirm your order summary, your purchase from MED TRUST becomes legally effective.
MED TRUST will confirm receipt of the order immediately. The contract comes into existence when MED TRUST sends you written confirmation of your order. Together with the order confirmation you will receive the order contract and a copy of the General Terms and Conditions   in HTML format.

Offer and contract conclusion are only possible in German language.
For further information on the conclusion and processing of contracts, please refer to our terms and conditions.   
7. Access to Legally Relevant Statements

Electronic agreements, other legally significant electronic statements, and electronic confirmations of receipt are deemed received if the party for whom they are intended can open them under normal circumstances, meaning that the e-mail can be accessed through the e-mail provider of the addressee.
8. Provider Identification

Information about the website provider is found in the Legal Notice.


Marz, May 6th, 2013