Continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS)

Glucose values in real time around the clock

Keep an eye on your glucose values - always and everywhere

Measure your glucose level, convenient and practical for your everyday life. The Wellion SENSOR automatically transmits your glucose values every 5 minutes (without scanning) to the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app on your smartphone. Thanks to its small and flat design, it can be worn discreetly on the right part of the body. The SENSOR base is replaced every 10 days at the latest and the transmitter can be reused.

Discover how the Wellion SENSOR CGMS can make your life easier. Keep track with the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app and get to know your body better with the Wellion SENSOR.

Wellion SENSOR
Continuouse glucose monitoring
Small, flat, discreet
with a clearly organised app

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Wellion SENSOR
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