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    High blood pressure and associated complications are preventable and treatable

    Blood pressure measurement at the wrist


    Many people feel very well for a long time despite the high blood pressure and have no complaints. Others, however, complain of headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath and tiredness. The headaches usually appear in the morning and disappear again after an hour or two. However, these symptoms can also have other causes - regular blood pressure checks help to clarify the symptoms. High blood pressure often occurs with other cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia

    However, high blood pressure can only be successfully treated in cooperation between doctor and the person concerned. The treatment is tailored to the individual person.



    Wellion WAVE blood pressure monitor

    The Wellion WAVE blood pressure monitors are particularly convenient to measure. The illuminated display with the particularly large numbers is easy to read. The Wellion WAVE wrist type monitor is handy and easy to use.

    With the coloured marking on the side edge, your blood pressure measurement result is not only displayed in numbers, but also classified in a range of the WHO blood pressure classification. If your result is in the normal range, the marker is in the green area. A too high blood pressure is always marked in the red area, and a normal-high value in the yellow area. A practical visual indicator for better assessment of the results.


    Tips for monitoring blood pressure

    • Relax and try to remain still for 5 to 10 minutes before taking a measurement.

    • Sit down on a chair with backrest.

    • The measuring device is positioned so that it lies on the artery and the palm of the hand is facing upwards. The meter should be at approximately the height of the heart during measurement.

    • Stand on the floor with both feet.

    • Stay calm during the measurement - talking, laughing or coughing can falsify the results.

    • After heavy physical exertion, sports, eating, smoking, alcohol consumption and bathing, wait at least 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure, as these activities can affect your blood pressure.

    • Do not worry about an unusual result from a single measurement. Several measurements recorded over a long period of time will give you a better overview of your blood pressure.


    Backlit Display

    WHO Blood Pressure Classification

    Large, clear digits

    90 Results in memory

    Universal cuff size


    The Wellion WAVE blood pressure monitors use the oscillometric method to determine blood pressure.

    The products meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of EN60601-1-2 and the safety standards of EN60601-1, as well as the performance criteria of IEC 80601-2-30, specified in EEC Directive 93/42/EEC.


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