Recommendations for the correct intake of liquids


Liquids essential for numerous functions in the organism


The human body has a water content of 50 - 60% of body weight. Fluid is of particular importance for numerous functions in the organism. A disbalance in the fluid balance can cause life-threatening conditions. For this reason, great importance should be attached to a sufficient supply of fluids throughout the day.

A daily drinking quantity of 1.5 - 2 litres of calorie-free fluid is recommended. The best thirst quenchers are water, mineral water and unsweetened tea. Tip: Drinks can be refined with lemon slices, pressed lemon juice, mint, lemon balm, ginger, cucumber slices, some frozen raspberries, etc.

Unsuitable drinks are fruit and vegetable juices, fruit nectars, sugary lemonades, iced tea, energy drinks, syrup, flavoured mineral water, smoothies, sweetened herbal and fruit teas, milk, drinks based on milk or milk products (e.g. drinking yoghurt, cocoa). Sweetened drinks cause a rapid increase in blood sugar and should only be drunk by people with diabetes in the case of hypoglycaemia! Only in this case is a fruit juice optimal to quickly combat hypoglycaemia.

Coffee, black, green and white tea are considered to be stimulants. There is nothing wrong with daily consumption in moderate quantities and without sugar.

Alcohol, like drinks containing caffeine, is a stimulant and should only be consumed in small quantities. The consumption of alcohol in case of diabetes should be discussed and clarified by a doctor. The danger of hypoglycaemia increases with the amount of alcohol consumed! Sweet drinks and also alcohol provide a lot of calories and additionally promote weight gain.


  • Alcohol can trigger blood sugar fluctuations, so alcohol should only be consumed as part of a carbohydrate-containing meal.
  • Alcohol provides energy (1 g of pure alcohol = 7 kcal) and is therefore counterproductive when trying to lose weight.