Wellion Abwurfbehälter 0,7l: Gebrauchte Pen-Nadeln sollten in einem geeigneten Behälter entsorgt werden, am besten im durchstechsicheren Wellion Abwurfbehälter.

Wellion Sharps Container
protects contact with used pen needles
0,7 l


    Wellion Sharps Container - safe disposal of used needles

    protects at home, in the doctors office and in nursing care

    Avoid needlestick injuries

    Used pen needles and lancets should be disposed of in a suitable container, preferably in the puncture-proof Wellion sharps container.

    Unscrew the used pen needle from the pen after each injection - you can use the outer protective cap if you wish. For a painless blood glucose measurement, also dispose of each lancet after a single use. Collect them in the safe Wellion sharps container.


    Once the lid of the Wellion sharps container is properly pushed on and completely closed, the Wellion sharps container cannot be opened again. The puncture-proof container is disposed of with the used pen needles or lancets. In this way, people within the disposal chain can also be protected from needlestick injuries.

    To close the container temporarily, place the lid upside down on the opening.

    Size: covers 0,7L


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