Wellion GOLD Invert Sugar Syrup
quick energy with vanilla taste

    Wellion GOLD invert sugar syrup

    Sweet instant energy in a tube

    instant energy shot in vanilla



    At home, at work, when hiking, gardening or travelling - Wellion GOLD is the practical energy booster. With three different types of sugar, Wellion invert sugar syrup in its practical liquid form boosts energy immediately and lasts for a longer period of time.

    The Wellion GOLD invert sugar syrup tube is resealable thanks to the practical screw cap. Wellion GOLD has a pleasant vanilla flavour.

    SCALE - The well visibly scale at the side of the tube makes the usage easier

    RECLOSABLE - The tube is recloseble with a screw cap

    ENERGY SOURCE - Immediate and longterm effect

    IDEAL FOR SPORT- Provides quick energy

    Ingredients: invert sugar syrup, fl­avour

    Dry matter  80 %
    Invert sugar 66 %


    Content per tube: 40 g / 29 ml

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