Wellion Safetylancets 28G - Ideal bei Sehproblemen, verminderter Feinmotorik und für ältere Menschen. Schnelle und einfache Handhabung. Sanft und sicher. Minimierte Schmerzen durch ultra-scharfe Nadel. Perfekt für medizinisches Fachpersonal, Krankenhäuser und Pflegeheime. Steril und Vermeidung von Stichverletzungen. Foto

Wellion 28G SafetyLancets
for gentle blood sampling

    Wellion Safetylancets 28G

    Blood collection for measurement


    Wellion safety lancets have a pre-determined puncture depth, the lancet is safely hidden inside the housing. Ideal for needle phobics, the elderly, people with reduced fine motor skills or vision problems, as there is no need to handle the lancing device.


    The safety lancet is immediately ready for use and always has the correct distance between the lancet and the skin. The safety lancets can be easily activated. Remove the safety cap and press the Wellion Safety Lancet to the desired puncture site.

    Wellion safety lancets are used for private use and especially in everyday medical life (doctors' surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes), as the lancet itself is safely enclosed inside the housing. A second use is impossible due to the safety mechanism, so users and medical staff are best protected against needlestick injuries.

    Good to know: The diameter of lancets is given in gauge "G". The higher the indicated number, the thinner or finer the lancet. Therefore a 25G lancet is thinner than a 21G lancet.


    Needle size: 28G
    Grooving depth: 1.5 mm
    Blood volume: up to 10 µl

    Packaging units: 25, 100 and 200 pieces





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