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Advantages of insulin pump therapy


The best blood glucose control can be expected when insulin is delivered to the body as needed by the organism. As many studies and meta-analyses have shown, insulin pump therapy can more effectively address the many aspects of blood glucose control compared to multiple injection therapy. When compared with all other insulin therapies, insulin pump therapy corresponds best to the natural conditions of the organism!


Basis of pump therapy (CSII)

Short-acting insulin is continuously delivered into the subcutaneous (under the skin) fat tissue:

  • Non-meal-dependent insulin is delivered automatically via the basal rate

  • Meal-dependent insulin is delivered as a bolus at the touch of a button

  • Elevated blood glucose: a correction bolus is delivered at the touch of a button

The basal rate is adjusted to the individual needs of the pump user.



Be ahead in lowering the HbA1c

People with pump therapy achieved significantly lower HbA1c levels than people who applied insulin with a syringe or pen.


Number of severe hypoglycaemias decreases

Frequency of severe hypoglycaemia is significantly reduced


Less blood sugar fluctuations

Blood glucose fluctuations were significantly lower in people using pump therapy compared to people using insulin injections or pens.


Generally better control of blood glucose levels

Blood glucose control was generally better with pump therapy. The improved glycaemic control was achieved with a simultaneous reduction in the daily insulin dose. In a direct comparison of insulin aspart in the pump or administered by syringe or pen, mean serum fructosamine levels were significantly lower in the pump group.


Summary: the most important advantages of insulin pump therapy

  • People on pump therapy achieve near-normal blood glucose regulation, with fewer blood glucose fluctuations and without an increased risk of hypoglycaemia.

  • The risk of late diabetic complications is reduced. Incipient complications can even go into remission.

  • In the long term, pump therapy offers an improvement in quality of life, as pump users go on sick leave less often and have to go to hospital less often compared to other people with diabetes.

Pump therapy allows people with diabetes full flexibility in everyday life.  Pump users do not have to expect negative consequences if they

  •  skipping meals,

  •  sleeping late,

  •  exercise or travel to a place with a different time zone.

All age groups can benefit from pump therapy.



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