Wellion MICRO-PUMP Training

Information on handling the Wellion MICRO-PUMP insulin pump system



Wellion MICRO-PUMP Manual


Wellion MICRO-PUMP Easy Start




Wellion MICRO-PUMP Handling Videos


Filling the Wellion MICRO-PUMP reservoir

This is how easy it is to fill your reservoir with 2ml of insulin.


Preparing the Wellion MICRO-PUMP Infusion Set

How to place the pump base and insert the cannula.


Setup - New Wellion MICRO-PUMP Insulin Pump

How to connect your new pump to the PDA for the first time.


Changing the reservoir/battery

How to change the Wellion MICRO-PUMP reservoir and rechargeable battery. We show you how to disassemble and reassemble the pump.


Blood glucose measurement

It's so easy to measure your blood glucose with the Wellion MICRO-PUMP PDA and the matching Wellion MICRO test strips. The measured blood glucose value can optionally be stored with a marker (before/after physical activity, before/after eating). Your stored blood glucose values can be used with the bolus calculator.





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