System for continuous glucose monitoring

    Wellion SENSOR

    Keep an eye on your glucose levels - always and everywhere

    The Wellion SENSOR is a system for continuous glucose measurement in the tissue (CGM).


    These 3 components are required:

    1. the Wellion SENSOR Base: measures the tissue glucose value with the sensor thread.

    2. Wellion SENSOR Transmitter: transmits the measured values to the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR App.

    3. Wellion AiDEX SENSOR App: receives the measured values and displays them clearly (e.g. current value, trend arrows, target range, alarms, reports, ...). The app is available for Android and iOS.


    Thanks to its small and flat design, the Wellion SENSOR can be worn very discreetly. It is approximately the size of a 2 euro coin.


    Swimming is also no problem, as the Wellion SENSOR complies with the IP27 standard and is therefore waterproof. It can also be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one metre.



    How is tissue glucose measured with the Wellion SENSOR?

    The Wellion SENSOR base contains a sensor thread that is inserted under the skin into the subcutaneous fatty tissue using the applicator supplied. Here the sensor continuously measures the glucose content in the tissue fluid every 5 minutes.


    The Wellion SENSOR transmitter is attached to the Wellion SENSOR base. This is used for data transmission and is linked to the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app. After a warm-up time of just 1 hour, you can call up your glucose value in the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app in "real time". The Wellion SENSOR is pre-calibrated, so no calibration by entering a blood glucose value is necessary.

    The Wellion SENSOR base is changed every 10 days at the latest. The Wellion SENSOR transmitter has a guaranteed service life of 4 years and is used again and again. Therefore, take good care of the Wellion SENSOR transmitter.


    Get started in just 4 steps

    Values under control - with the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app

    Thanks to the continuous and automatic transfer of measured values (every 5 minutes), you can react immediately to fluctuations or gain an insight into the effect certain meals have on your glucose level.


    You choose how intensively you want to use the app. You can see the most important information at a glance directly on the start screen. It shows a summary of your glucose trend and the extent to which the values for the last 6, 12 or 24 hours are within your target range.


    The Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app also enables detailed data management through numerous features, giving you the opportunity to get to know your body better.


    Helpful features in the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app:

    • Background colour
      Use the background colour of your start screen to see whether your current value is within the target range or below/above it. If your current value is within the target range, the start screen appears with a green background. If your value is too high, the start screen is highlighted in orange. If the value is too low, it is shown in red.
      If you use the app in dark mode, the circle around the current glucose value and the trend arrows appear in the colours green, orange or red.
      In addition, the values in the value curve are displayed in colour as soon as they are outside the target range.

    • Trend arrows
      The trend arrows show your current glucose trend, e.g. whether your value is stable or how quickly it is rising or falling. This allows you to recognise earlier how your glucose curve is developing and to take countermeasures if necessary. This can help you to stay better within your target range.

    • Alarm function
      Set individual limits for glucose values that are too high or too low - you will be warned by sound and/or vibration if the limits are exceeded or not reached. The target range on the start screen is determined by the limits set for values that are too high or too low. You will also receive a warning if the transmitter signal is lost.
      The maximum transmission range is 2 metres. If you lose the transmitter signal, the data is automatically transferred as soon as the connection is re-established.

    • Share function
      Share your values with people you have selected (e.g. within the family) so that they can react if necessary. The set alarms are also shared.

    • Event markers
      You can document when you have eaten, given insulin or taken medication. You can also enter sporting activities. These markers are not included in any calculations, they are only used to complement the measured values.

    • CGM Report

      In the app, you can generate a CGM report as a PDF that contains a structured and graphical representation of your sensor data (including your ambulatory glucose profile - AGP, the time in the target range TIR, the eHbA1c and many other parameters). You can send the report directly using the share function on your smartphone, e.g. to your doctor or another recipient of your choice. See a complete report as an example here.


    The Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app is available in 18 languages.


    German, Bosnian, Bulgarian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Chinese


    Tips for everyday life

    • Select a suitable wearing position for your Wellion SENSOR. Recommended areas for sensor application are the abdomen and the outside and back of the upper arm. If you wear an insulin pump, the Wellion SENSOR should be worn at least 7.5 cm away from the insulin injection site.

    • Use the plaster provided to fix the Wellion SENSOR in place.

    • Lying on the sensor for long periods of time squeezes the tissue, which can lead to distorted values.

    • Due to the comfortable wearing comfort, you often forget that you are wearing a sensor. Change your clothes carefully and take care when drying off after showering or swimming.

    • Allow the over patch to dry well between swims. The over patch should not get wet for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

    • Avoid long hot baths and do not apply any creams or shower gels to the over patch. The over patchcould peel off prematurely.

    • The Wellion SENSOR must not be exposed to strong magnetic fields, therefore the Wellion SENSOR Base and the Wellion SENSOR Transmitter must be removed during an MRI examination.

    • CT and X-ray examinations are possible with the Wellion SENSOR.

    • It is possible to go through a body scan at the airport with the Wellion SENSOR.

    • Keep the Wellion SENSOR Transmitter in a safe place. It has a guaranteed service life of 4 years and will be used again and again.


    The system can be used to monitor glucose levels during pregnancy.