WellionVet GLUCO CALEA Blutzuckermessgerät für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde

Blood glucose meter for animals
Safety and accuracy for dog, cat und horse

    WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter for dogs, cats and horses

    for accurate measurement in animals, the meter and test strips must be specially calibrated

    developed for the measurement of blood sugar from animal blood



    The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter is specially designed for dogs, cats and horses. Three special code chips are used for precise blood glucose measurement, which can be replaced easily and quickly (colour coding). The eject button makes the daily use of the blood glucose meter even easier. The easy handling of the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter makes your life with a diabetic pet easier. The large and easy to read digits on the illuminated display also contribute to this.

    The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA test strip can be easily and quickly removed using the eject button. The 4 individually adjustable alarms remind you to check your blood glucose regularly and diabetes therapy will soon become a routine part of your pet's daily routine. You will achieve a successful diabetes therapy by following your pet's treatment plan, regular blood glucose monitoring and the care of your veterinarian. The average values stored on the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA meter are an important source of information for the further treatment of your pet. The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter makes life with diabetes easier for you and your pet.


    Specially for dogs, cats and horses

    Easy handling

    Big, easy-to-read digits

    Eject button

    Backlit Display, illuminated teststrip port

    Hypo- and Hyperalarm

    4 adjustable alarms


    5 seconds testing time

    300 memorys in result

    0,5 microliter blood

    1000 tests battery life

    1x CR 2032 battery

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    Further information can be found on our info pages Metabolism in animals and Diabetes in cats and dogs.