Der enthaltene Harnstoff (10%) in der Wellion Pflegecreme bindet die Feuchtigkeit in der Haut und erhöht somit ihre Elastizität. Er vermindert eine übermäßige Verhornung, fördert die Wundheilung und beseitigt Juckreiz. Außerdem bietet er Schutz vor Bakterien und Pilzen. Foto

neutral regrease for very dry skin

    Wellion Skin Care Cream

    Skin care is more than an elixir of beauty

    the daily care ritual is active health protection


    The skin of people with diabetes differs from others – mostly dry, often sensitiv and always vulnerable. Therefore it needs a special care programm – Wellion Cream for Skin Care with 10% Urea.

    For people with diabetes skin care means more than a beauty elixir: People with diabetes have to care for their skin in a systematic way to prevent diseases. Thus your daily care ritual means active protection for your health. A long-term high blood sugar level damages nerves and blood vessels in the feet. Minor foot problems are more likely to occur in diabetes and often go unnoticed for a long time. As a result, pain, severe inflammation and ulcers can occur. This is called the diabetic foot syndrome.

    High blood glucose levels lead to lasting alterations of the skin: activity of perspiratory and sebaceous glands is decreased, causing dry, scaly and fissured skin. Therefore pathogens, allergens and pollutants can easily penetrate skin and cause damages. Additionally paresthesia and circulatory disorders due to diseases can increase the risk for lesions and skin damages.

    Skin damages can be prevented by gentle contact with the own body as well as by medical skin care products like Wellion Skin Care products.

    Urea is a natural end product from protein metabolism. Urea is concentrated in the skin´s callus (Stratum corneum). It derives partly from sweat, partly direct from the epidermis. About 7 percent of the Natural Moisturizing Factor consists of urea.

    These facts show clearly why urea is used in many skin care creams to moisturize dry skin successfully.

    In addition to the application for people with diabetes, creames and foams containing urea are widespreadly used to treat neurodermitis. In these cases the concentration of urea in the requested parts of the skin can be decreased by up to 90% compared to healthy skin!


    Scientifically proofed effects of urea:

    • Hydrating (binds water, loosening up of tissues)
    • Antiproliferativ (prevents excessive hornification)
    • Keratoplastic-keratolytic (excrescent horny layers are separated from skin surface)
    • Regenerative (protects skin from drying-out)
    • Antimicrobial (no conservant additives are necessary)
    • Satisfies pruritus
    • Helps infiltration of active pharmaceutical agents into the skin


    Wellion Skin Care Cream is characterized by following attributes:

    • Decrease excessive hornification
    • Bring back the normal acid mantle of the skin to re-install the natural function of the skin as a protective barriere
    • Assist wound-healing
    • Bind humidity in the skin
    • Protect from and eliminate existing pruritus
    • Protect from bacteria and fungus


    Additionally Wellion Skin Care Cream provides a neutral regrease effect. They keep the skin elastic, regulate humidity, infiltrate the skin quickly and appease irritated skin.

    Wellion Skin Care products do not contain any flavours or Lanolin to guarantee perfect dermatological tolerance.

    Application: apply daily on requested parts of the skin, massage gently and thoroughly into skin.

    Expiry date: Wellion Skin Care products expire 6 months after the first opening. Store at room temperature.

    Content: 75ml


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