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Wellion SENSOR quick start checklist

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Questions & answers about continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

What is the difference between tissue glucose measurement (CGM) and blood glucose measurement (BGM)?
How is tissue glucose measurement performed with the Wellion SENSOR?
What are the advantages of the Wellion SENSOR?
What should I pay attention to when wearing a sensor?




Frequently asked questions about the Wellion SENSOR (FAQ)

Where can the Wellion SENSOR be placed?
The recommended application sites are the abdomen and the back of the upper arm.



I cannot release my Wellion SENSOR applicator?
Press your Wellion SENSOR applicator firmly against the application site. Most of the blue ring should disappear. Then press the blue button to set the Wellion SENSOR base.



How far should the application site of the Wellion SENSOR be from the insulin injection site of the Wellion MICRO-PUMP?
The application site of the Wellion SENSOR should be at least 7.5 cm away from the insulin injection site of the Wellion MICRO-PUMP (or another pump).


My patch is not sticking well. What do I have to consider?
Before placing the SENSOR base: Clean or disinfect the insertion site thoroughly and allow it to dry completely. For a better hold, use the adhesive overpatch provided.
The adhesive strength of the plaster is reduced by prolonged bathing in combination with various soaps and moisturising body creams.


How far can I move away from the receiver (app/PDA) with the Wellion SENSOR?
The maximum transmission range is 2 metres to ensure that the data is transmitted continuously.


Is data transmitted if the distance between the Wellion SENSOR and the receiver is greater than 2 metres?
If the distance is greater than 2 metres, the data is temporarily stored in the transmitter. As soon as the Wellion SENSOR and receiver (app/PDA) are within transmission range again, the collected data will be transmitted automatically.


How long can the transmitter be used?
If used correctly, the transmitter has a guaranteed service life of 4 years.


Does the Wellion SENSOR need to be calibrated?
The Wellion SENSOR is pre-calibrated, so calibration with a blood glucose value is not necessary. However, you can calibrate the Wellion SENSOR if required.


If I want to calibrate, what do I need to bear in mind?
You should only calibrate when the blood glucose level is constant. Do not calibrate if you have just eaten, are exercising or have just administered insulin. It is best to calibrate the sensor when you are fasting.


Can I go swimming with the Wellion SENSOR?
Yes, the Wellion SENSOR is waterproof (IP27). It can also be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one metre.


Can I expose the Wellion SENSOR to strong magnetic fields?
If you have an appointment for an MRI examination, please remove the complete Wellion SENSOR (base and transmitter) BEFORE the examination - do not take it into the examination room.
Attention: Keep the transmitter in a safe place, it will be used again and again.
Further information on electromagnetic compatibility can be found in the manual.


What do I need to bear in mind when choosing my password in the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app?
Choose a password consisting of at least 8 characters. The password must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number.


How long should it take to pair the transmitter and receiver (app / PDA)?
Pairing should take place within 5 minutes of the Wellion SENSOR being set.
Attention: The transmitter must be attached to the sensor base BEFORE pairing, as this contains the energy source (battery) for data transmission.


The message "Serial number entered incorrectly" is displayed.
Please check whether the serial number entered matches the one on the transmitter itself (next to the SN symbol).
Note: We only use the digit 0 in the serial numbers and not the letter O.



How can I see not only the current glucose value in the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app, but also the glucose values in the glucose curve?
Simply tap a point on the glucose curve with your finger and you will see the glucose value including the exact time.



Are my glucose levels continually soaring? What is the reason for this?
Please check that the Wellion transmitter is firmly attached to the sensor base. There must be no gap. If there is, please press the transmitter down.



Is it possible that another person (e.g. family member) read my SENSOR values in real time (on their mobile phone)?

Yes, as long as you add this person to your app and give your consent. This can be a valuable support e.g. for carers of elderly people, partners, or parents of SENSOR wearers, etc.

Step 1: First, your family member installs the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app on their mobile phone and registers with their email address.

Step 2: Then open your Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app. On the start screen under the settings there is the "Sharing and Following" field. Here you can add the email address of the desired person(s) "Sharing" your account.

Step 3: Your family member will then find the "Sharing and Following" icon in the top right-hand corner of their app on the home screen. The data of the connected SENSOR user can be viewed here under "Following". The set alarms are also shared.

As soon as you delete an email address from your "Sharing" list, your data can no longer be viewed by the other person.


My glucose curve shows an interruption? What is the reason for this?
Exit the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app and start it again. A connection error may be a possible reason.


When can I create a CGM report?
To create a CGM report, you need readings from 5 consecutive days (= 1440 readings).


Can I send my CGM report to my doctor directly from my mobile phone?
Yes, tap the icon to the right of the CGM report and create a PDF. You can then send the report directly using the share function on your smartphone, e.g. to your doctor.


Are the event markers in the Wellion AiDEX SENSOR app used for calculations?
No. The event markers you enter in the app (insulin, medicine, carbohydrates, sport) are for your information only and are not included in any calculations.