GDH-FAD Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter with Bluetooth function

    Wellion NEWTON GDH-FAD BTE Blood Glucose Meter

    Reducing the interference of other substances

    Upload and track test results with Bluetooth


    The GDH-FAD enzyme complex has a lower susceptibility to interference with reducing substances (drugs). The Wellion NEWTON GDH-FAD BTE measurement system can be used with most blood samples (capillary and venous whole blood), therefore it is often used by medical professionals.

    The Wellion NEWTON GDH-FAD BTE meter can be used for neonatal blood glucose testing as it has a haematocrit range of 10-70%.

    With Bluetooth, users can upload test results to their Android or iOS system as well as to a computer and track changes in blood glucose levels over time. This is where our Wellion Sidiary data management system can be used.

    The Wellion NEWTON GDH-FAD BTE blood glucose meter is used with the Wellion NEWTON GDH-FAD blood glucose test strips (foiled). 

    Use the option of data transfer via Bluetooth or cable via the Wellion SiDiary.


    The Wellion NEWTON blood glucose meter has a very high measurement accuracy: MARD 4,7% (System Accuracy and Interference Evaluation of a New Glucose Dehydrogenase-Based Blood Glucose Meter for Patient Self-Testing).


    Blood Glucose

    5 seconds testing time

    0,5 micro liter blood

    500 results in memory



    1000 tests battery life

    2x CR2032 battery

    No Code

    Large, clear digits

    Eject button



    hypo- and hyperalarm

    Keton warning for hyper

    10 alarms