Wellion MICRO blood glucose test strips
for use with the Wellion MICRO-PUMP PDA

    Wellion MICRO blood glucose test strips

    measure your blood glucose

    for measuring blood glucose with the Portable Diabetes Assistant (PDA) of the Wellion MICRO-PUMP


    The Wellion MICRO blood glucose test strips are used with the Wellion MICRO-PUMP PDA (Portable Diabetes Assistant) to measure blood glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood. They are suitable for home use and for use by healthcare professionals.


    1. When the display is on, insert a Wellion MICRO test strip and the screen will prompt you to apply blood.

    2. Press the lancing device (with a fresh lancet) to the side of your fingertip and press the release button to lance and collect the drop of blood.

    3. Now hold the tip of the test strip at a slight angle into the blood sample as indicated on the screen. The test strip will draw in the blood like a straw.

    4. When enough blood has been applied, the screen counts down for 5 seconds and after a few seconds the measurement result is displayed on the screen.



    Test result area

    Displays the blood glucose test result with the correct unit of measurement and time/date. The scale above the reading indicates whether the result falls within the target range or not. If the result is out of range, the bar is yellow. Set your individual target range in consultation with your healthcare professional.



    User Actions

    Includes blood glucose result marker, invalid test selection, and "bolus calculator" button.

    • Result markers: Use this area to mark your results before/after exercise or before/after eating. You can use these markers to divide your results into different categories when calculating averages.

    • Invalid test: If this checkbox is selected, the measurement will be recorded in the history, but will not be used to calculate averages.

    • Bolus calculator: If the bolus calculator is activated in the settings menu, the button turns green after a blood glucose value is recorded.


    After the test is complete, press the test strip eject button to eject the test strip. Ejecting the test strip or pressing the Back button will return you to the last screen. Your blood glucose level is automatically recorded in memory when you exit the blood glucose test function.


    Tip: You can also enter your blood glucose value manually. This is especially useful if you are using a separate blood glucose meter. The entry is saved in your history and can be used with the bolus calculator.


    Useful hints

    • Use only Wellion MICRO glucose test strips for the PDA.

    • Store the test strips in a clean, dry environment at 5-30°C (41-86°F). Do not store test strips in heat or direct sunlight.

    • Do not refrigerate or freeze test strips.

    • Do not store the strips in a humid environment, such as a bathroom.

    • Do not store the PDA, test strips, or control solution near bleach or cleaning agents that contain bleach.

    • Close the cap of the vial immediately after removing a test strip.

    • Use the test strip immediately after removing it from the package.

    • Do not use expired test strips. This may cause inaccurate results.

    • Test strips should be stored in the well-sealed container provided.

    • Do not store test strips outside the original vial. Test strips must be stored in the original vial with the lid tightly closed.

    • Do not transfer test strips from the original vial to another container.

    • Close the cap of the vial immediately after removing a test strip.

    • A new vial of test strips can be used for 6 months after the first opening. Make a note of the date the can was first opened and discard it after 6 months.

    • The test strip label contains the expiration date in year-month format. For example, 2021-01 indicates that the test strips are stable until the end of January 2021.