Wellion MICRO-PUMP Reservoir
for insulin infusion with the Wellion MICRO-PUMP

    Wellion MICRO-PUMP reservoir

    for the treatment of diabetes when short-term or long-term insulin pump therapy is required

    Ambulatory Insulin Infusion Pump Reservoir


    The Wellion MICRO-PUMP Reservoir is a component of the Wellion MICRO-PUMP insulin pump system and is used to store insulin. The sterilized reservoir should be used with the Wellion MICRO-PUMP pump and disposable infusion set.

    The reservoir

    The Reservoir package consists of a reservoir, fill adapter and pull rod. The total capacity of the Reservoir is 2.0ml, which is equal to 200 units of U-100 insulin.






    1. Remove the new Reservoir from the packaging.

    2. Use the pull rod to pull the piston to the full position inside the Reservoir, then push it completely to the empty position. Repeat this three times ending with the piston in the empty position as in Figure 1.

    3. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the insulin vial and then attach it to the fill adapter as in Figure 2.

    4. With the insulin vial on top, slowly pull the pull rod and draw insulin into the Reservoir as in figure 3.

    5. Tap the side of the Reservoir to encourage any air bubbles to rise to the top of the reservoir (Figure 4).

    6. Push the pull rod slowly to eject the bubbles back into the vial, and then slowly pull to draw more insulin into the Reservoir. Repeat until the Reservoir has enough insulin and there are no air bubbles (Figure 5).

    7. Remove the insulin vial from the fill adapter (Figure 6).

    8. Pull the two release tabs (shown in Figure 7) away from the reservoir to release the fill adapter.

    9. Remove the pull rod by unscrewing it counterclockwise (Figure 9).




    Useful information

    • Excess air in the Reservoir may cause inaccurate delivery of insulin. Eject as much air as possible.

    • It is suggested that the product should be changed every three days.

    • Insulin should be at room temperature before filling the Reservoir.

    • Use immediately after filling. Do not store insulin in the Reservoir when the Reservoir is not in use.

    • Properly dispose of the insertion needle (needle holder) in a medical sharps container.

    • Cannot be used for storage or infusion of blood or blood products.

    • Use only with U-100 insulin.