Measure without scanning, small & flat
with easy-to-use app

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Wellion MICRO-PUMP tubeless insulin pump
small, light, tubeless
with integrated blood glucose meter
more freedom for your life

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Detect oxygen deficiency at an early stage
Easily measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate

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Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET logo

Blood Glucose Meter
Blood sugar and ketone measurement with just one device

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Nebulise liquids for airway therapy
Battery operated for on the go

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Wellion GALILEO compact Blutzuckermessgerät
Wellion GALILEO compact logo

Wellion GALILEO Compact
Blood glucose meter
Small and handy, large numbers

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Wellion MEDFINE plus logo

Wellion MEDFINE Plus Pen Needles
for insulin injection
4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

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Wellion LUNA Trio Blutzuckermessgerät, 3 Werte für mich - Glukose, Cholesterin und Harnsäure
Wellion LUNA Trio logo

Blood Glucose Meter and more
3 values for me - glucose + cholesterol + uric acid

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Wellion CALLA Light Logo

Blood Glucose Meter
modern design & easy handling

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Wellion Safetylancets logo

Wellion SafetyLancets - 28G
for gentle blood sampling

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Wellion Infrarot Stirn- und Ohr-Thermometer zur Messung der menschlichen Körpertemperatur für das Ohr oder die Stirn

Wellion infrared forehead and ear thermometer
Contactless infrared measurement of body temperature
Coloured display depending on body temperature

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Wellion - Your AUSTRIAN health brand


Blood glucose meters, test strips and more

We constantly strive 
to expand the Wellion
product line with new, 
innovative products.

Through our personal contact to people with diabetes we know their needs and wants regarding their daily routine - it is our goal to make their life with diabetes easier.

Under the brand Wellion we provide numerous quality products to our customers that are specially designed for diabetics. When developing our products we focus on ongoing and comprehensive quality management. ISO 13485:2016 is the basis for high quality and innovative Wellion products.


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Wellion - Design as a trademark

Wellion products stand out for their outstanding quality and their special design.

People with diabetes often use Wellion products several times a day. They are self-reliant and actively committed to maintaining or improving their health. Our design deliberately removes the connection to medical products by combining color and art.

As an Austrian family business, we have placed particular emphasis on working with Austrian artists and conveying vitality and joy with their colourful style.